About Us

PlantEaters was founded by the husband and wife team of David and Tracy Hersh, with the goal of opening up new dining opportunities to their fellow vegetarians and vegans (or anyone just looking to find a good meatless meal). As New Yorkers they are fortunate to have access to great vegetarian restaurants, but they were still struck by the fact that there was no good way to discover the countless vegetarian meals at all of the other restaurants throughout the city.

PlantEaters was built to fill that void. Discover vegetarian meals at restaurants all around you, regardless of whether or not the restaurant is vegetarian. Know about a great veggie meal? Share it with your fellow vegetarians so that they can have a great dining experience as well!


David Hersh

David is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in product design, having been a founder at pioneering efforts in the social networking, e-commerce and fantasy sports industries. PlantEaters is a passion project for David, taking up his copious spare time when not working at his "day" job as Chief Product Officer at Glip (http://glip.com).


Tracy Hersh

Tracy loves discovering and introducing others to new and delicious plant-based meals. When not sampling all of the amazing restaurant meals she can find, you'll find her perusing her favorite veg-friendly cookbooks and websites and experimenting with vegan cooking and baking. Her kids love the baking part! She's also passionate about yoga, reading and spending time with her husband and children.


Brett Paden

Brett is a senior technologist and start-up junkie, cursed by an obsession for building things to scale. If he's not crunching numbers or playing with big data, he's off experimenting with some new technology the kids on geeklist have cooked up. Brett was inspired by the Hersh's passion for all things veg, and is throwing in whatever technical help he can to make this app a huge success.


Michael Gersh, Advisor

Michael has had a storied entrepreneurial career, often being credited with inventing online fantasy sports and social networking. Now as principal for Wavetown Advisors, a boutique advisory and angel investment firm, he's enjoying bringing success to others' emerging tech start-ups. Tired of hearing David complain "the veggie burger is just a bun and the topping bar", Michael's interest in PlantEaters is fueled by a desire to bring dining harmony to his increasingly vegetarian circle of friends.