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PlantEaters is proud to be partnering with outstanding vegetarian and vegan bloggers from all over the world. Look for their ratings in PlantEaters, and click on the links back to blog entries on their sites for more detailed write-ups on the meals and restaurants.

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Little Vegan Eats

Reviews of restaurants and recipes, as well as other sources, tips, and useful tricks for a healthy, plant-based vegetarian lifestyle. Unique recipe ideas are also presented, along with suggestions for stocking your pantry to support eating and preparing delicious vegan food, whether at home or on-the-go.

Not Just Vegetarian

Not Just Vegetarian is a restaurant and product review food blog focused on vegetarian and vegan food in New York City and in London. Gluten-free options are highlighted in the blog where available. The author, Vidya Narasimhan, grew up eating vegan and vegetarian dishes in India. Having lived in New York City for almost 9 years, Vidya is excited with the wide range of delicious vegan and vegetarian options at restaurants and markets in New York City. She shares many of her favorites on Not Just Vegetarian. Vidya now lives in London and blogs about her eating adventures there on Not Just Vegetarian.

Vanishing Veggie

Vanishing Veggie is a blog that chronicles the day to day struggles and triumphs of Dana, a vegan trying to eat healthy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Even as a long time vegan, Dana has struggled with her weight and self esteem for years. Her writing focuses on fueling her body with healthy, plant based foods and accepting herself at any size.

Vegan Mos

Vegan Mos is the brainchild of Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman. As ethical vegans, they started Vegan Mos as a vehicle for sharing delicious vegan recipes and promoting a better understanding of animal rights issues. The Vegan Mos seek to help people expand their circles of compassion by understanding better the intersection of gay rights and animal rights issues. The Vegan Mos are regular contributors to the weekly podcast of Our Hen House. Ethan and Michael live in Maplewood, New Jersey with their three non-human children: Phoebe, Riley and Charlie.

Veggin' Out

Veggin' Out and About's mission is to direct the frustrated vegan motorist to healthy restaurants, farmers’ markets and grocers which will accommodate the discerning palettes of the growing population of nutrition-conscious diners. We review restaurants, interview people making a difference in the plant-based community, offer tips for people seeking to become vegan and interview companies who offer products or services which may be of interest to our readers. Our immediate goal is to create a reliable vegan food resource database, including markets and healthy restaurants readers can visit with confidence. Our overarching goal is that of furthering the whole foods plant-based movement. By extension we hope to reduce the impact of consuming animals upon our health, our children’s health and that of future generations, reduce the effects of animal consumption to our planet’s sustainability as well as reduce or eliminate the needless suffering and slaughter of other sentient beings.

Veg Girl RD

The Veg Girl RD blog is a diary of vegetarian food from a dietitian's perspective. Since I am searching for tasty meatless meals at home and on the road every day, I thought I’d try sharing my eating experiences from a nutrition perspective. My hope is that you’ll use Veg Girl RD as a resource for being a vegetarian in the real world. I'll share nutrition tips, mealtime hints, and shopping ideas for a plant-based diet. Together we'll explore healthy food in your home, your neighborhood, your region, and your world.

V for Vegan

V for Vegan is the personal blog of Kelly Garbato, a heathen vegan feminist living in Kansas City with her husband, five rescue dogs, one ex-stray cat, and a rotating menagerie of foster furkids. She hearts pizza, ice cream, His Dark Materials, and yappy dogs, but not necessarily in that order. She blogs about vegan food, pop culture, and the intersection of animal rights and feminism. Her daemon is a rat terrier named Kaylee.


When I was a kid I attended my aunt’s wedding. All I noticed was the food and music. Those junior high dances? Food and music. Birthday parties? Food and music. Social gatherings? Food and music. Activism opportunites? Food and music. So it was only natural that when I felt the need to start a blog I combined the two things that have been constants in my life. The original intention of Write.Click.Cook.Listen was for me to create a recipe and attach music to it. Throughout the years it has expanded to reviews of restaurants. As my diet has shifted from one of vegetarian to almost exclusively vegan this has become much more difficult in Tampa. Where does one go for good vegan food? No matter what direction the blog goes next, the same two interests will always remain at the heart of it. Vegan food and music.